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Conferences, Insights, and Podcasts - Learning to Truly Data Drive an Organization - Updated

March 26, 2019

Bigfoot Analytics leader Dennis Still out and about via Podcasts. Diving into startup and small business analytics, all with eye toward helping an organization succeed with data and the analysis of that data.

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Results, Insights, and Actions – Empowering Analytics and Data-Driven Growth at Your Business

February 22, 2019

Being lost in the universe of metrics and your data is a common and critical mistake businesses often make. Having the ability to boast about large numbers doesn’t necessarily mean it would be a useful gauge of your success. True insights are formed from understanding your business and the metrics that will help drive YOUR growth. Exploring the path for your business to grow through establishing Footprint Metrics is vital and necessary when you are flooded with all sorts of numbers from various parts of your organization. Cut through the BS and give your business a chance for real growth and stickiness with your customers.

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Awesome Analytics Resources

December 26, 2018

There is such a rich and vast network of analytics professionals out there. I have taught classes designed around an analytics bootcamp structure, where students get to interact and work with their own data in an environment that allows them to test ideas and put practical things into place for their OWN businesses.

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Passion for "Datatelling"

December 12, 2018

Once upon a time, in a far away land…wait, this isn’t some fairy tale about princes and princesses, but rather one where the hero (in this case me) gets to explain why great storytelling is the true art and future of all data analysis projects within businesses and organizations.

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