Conferences, Insights, and Podcasts - Learning to Truly Data Drive an Organization - Updated

March 26, 2019

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to discuss analytics, data, and the power of insights with some amazingly talented podcast hosts and as a speaker at multiple conferences. Gives me a chance to talk about what I love to do and hopefully gives some insights to those trying to figure out how to lead their organizations through data/analytics transitions or those coming up in the analytics and data science field how they can adapt to the changing business environment. I absolutely love getting to meet smart, funny, and dedicated people like the hosts of these shows and share my passion for what a data-driven organization can achieve.

Take a listen and please reach out with any questions or ideas.

Special Note: If I mentioned DataCamp in any of the podcasts, I rescind all complimentary and/or recommendations. Recent allegations against key executives of this business make it absolutely imperative that you do NOT purchase any courses or subscriptions from them.

MinneAnalytics Conference

Data Able Podcast

Podcast Overview: Journey to define the data-informed organization.  Dave Mathias and Matt Jesser host weekly episodes where we discuss the culture, knowledge and practices that successful organizations, leaders and individuals use to get value out of data.  
Hosted by: Dave Mathias and Matt Jesser 
Enterprise Rising Conference

Schmidt List

Podcast Overview: Schmidt List is a weekly Podcast produced to inspire people who manage projects, build digital products, and lead teams in design and technology.
Hosted by: Kurt Schmidt 

The Digital Measure Show

Podcast Overview: The Digital Measure Show will feature interviews from industry experts and some of the most talented professionals in marketing.  Join me and my guests as we discuss the latest on marketing trends, technology, and measurement.  
Hosted by: Brian Poe

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