Leaders across organizations love working with Bigfoot Analytics...

Leaders across organizations and businesses today struggle to make sense of the vastness of data and analytics.

Bigfoot Analytics has consistently delivered high value analytics that helps all departments succeed in generating more revenue, more growth, more leads, more whatever you may need.

It isn't rocket science (although there definitely is a science to it), it is about using Analytics as a Service to deliver insights from disparate data sources.  There is no tool or silver bullet technology that will solve all your data challenges.   Customizing the business questions YOU are trying to answer will allow data and analytics to help you succeed in ways you never thought possible.

Take a look at a few of the amazing leaders who have leveraged Bigfoot Analytics to grow their businesses.Want more information on your business data?

When I was looking for an analytics expert, I wanted someone that ruthlessly fought for data integrity. Dennis goes way beyond just "crunching the numbers" - he helps you figure out what you're not tracking, how to set up the right test to make sure you are measuring the results correctly, and finding "pearls" in a sea of data that can sometimes be overwhelming. Dennis is great to work with and if you utilize his vast skills, he's incredibly effective at helping you grow your business by truly being data-driven.  

- William Harris, Founder of Elumynt, SEO & Marketing Expert

Dennis has been my go to person for analytics and business intelligence for over 4+ years. He has a unique, intelligent, and sophisticated way of pulling out actionable insights from what was previously a mountain of data.  If you are a leader in SaaS, grab whatever time you can with him.  Makes your business 10X stronger.

- Sujan Patel, GM & Co-Founder of Web Profits, Entrepreneur, and Marketing Thought Leader

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